ELATEC reader/writers can easily configured with special firmware.
You need the latest DevPack and an ELATEC TWN4 reader/writer.

DevPack request form & download link you will find at

How can I install this Firmware on the TWN4 reader?

  1. Download the ZipFile, unpack and save the .bix file locally
  2. Attach your TWN4 to your laptop or PC
  3. Start ELATEC AppBlaster Tool & select button Program Firmware Image
  4. Select Image .bix file (from the saved location …xxxxx.bix)
  5. Program Image and wait for the “Done” word
  6. Open Word / Editor and hold a Transpondercard to the TWN4 and listen 😊

AC/DC Melody

StarWars Melody

Turkish Melody


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